I would like my patients to regard me as a reliable partner. Therefore, I stand for a comprehensive care and help them through a variety of terrifying medical vocabulary. My patients’ dignity is most important to me.

My range of service includes

Diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant diseases of the female and male breast

Breast cancer is not an emergency that needs to be operated on the very same day of its diagnosis.
In the last 20 years the chance for a permanent breast cancer cure has increased. However, a very early diagnosis, an accurate clarification of the findings and an appropriate risk evaluation are essential.

Most important for an early cancer diagnosis are the annual preventive medical check up and a regular breast examination by the patients themselves. During the annual check up I explain and show my patients in detail how to palpate the breast.

Most recent medical and scientific methods and techniques allow us a short-term confirmation of the diagnosis. Today we are able to perform minimal invasive operations and confirm a diagnosis within 24 hours supported by a highly specialised pathological institute.

These days, a breast cancer surgery does not mean an immediate mastectomy any more. We will always try to conserve the breast if possible. This, however, depends on the severity of the disease.

In case a loss cannot be avoided we establish the basis for a simultaneous or second step breast reconstruction right from the beginning. The reconstruction will be carried out with implants or skin- and muscle-flap plastic surgery.

Treatment and surgery of breast dyplasia and malformations

It is not always breast cancer!
Nowadays there are also treatments for breast dyplasia and malformations.

After an accurate diagnosis we adjust inherent malformations, such as the Poland Syndrome or irregular breast.

No matter whether breast augmentations, reduction or lift – I take each plastic surgery as seriously as any severe breast disease. Very often, my patients suffer from the psychological pressure just as much.

To clarify all questions and elucidate all possible risks and consequences, which might occur, is most important to me when it comes to plastic surgery.

Treatment of intricacies and recurrence therapy

Unfortunately, even after a successful breast cancer treatment, there might occur unforeseen intricacies. Moreover, it is also possible that breast cancer re-develops.

I advise my patients in detail about all possible treatment options concerning problems with, i.e.

» Breast implants
» Reconstructions that have failed
» Damage after radio therapy

Second opinion

Nowadays, physicians have to work hard for the patients’ confidence. Influenced by media reports, the Internet and negative experiences women and men come to see me for getting a second opinion.

I appreciate that and, if possible, show them alternatives and treatment options. Thus, supported by my team of breast cancer specialists I try to calm them down and ease their anxiety.

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